Product Spokesperson

 Trade Show and Convention Bio

 Anyone who meets Michele Jaco for the first time is
 immediately drawn in by her big smile and

 Her friendly, confident demeanor and engaging
 communication style is the key to her consistently
 setting sales lead records at conventions and trade

 Michele uses her 14 years of professional experience

 to quickly learn—and then effectively demonstrate
 the client’s missions, goals, and offerings to potential

 Responsible and reliable, she is the “go to” choice for
 many of the top trade show and spokes-modeling  
 agencies across the country.                                      

Costume Character
Who would enjoy getting into a hot, claustrophobic piece of over-inflated fabric, to dance around, hugging every passer-by and acting as silly as an
eight-year old? Michele Jaco!

When you see the video of Michele as The Pillsbury Doughboy you'll agree that no one should get paid to have this much fun!

Michele's size and athletic build make her the perfect "fit" for most costumes. Plus, you have to be in pretty good physical shape to make it 40 minutes to an hour at a time with limited air and almost zero visibility!

  "Performing as a character gives me the chance to do things
  I normally wouldn't do
in a business suit. I get to be crazy
  and have fun while still attracting customers to the booth.
  But my favorite part is finding someone who looks lonely and
  giving them a big hug."
Michele Jaco
 Partial list of trade show and convention experience  (1997-2013)


  • Auto
  • Technology
  • Food
  • Medical
  • Travel
  • Aerospace
  • Fashion
  • Machinery
  • Health & wellness
  • Construction
  • Music
  • Security
  • Advertising


  • Panasonic
  • Infiniti Motors
  • Powerbar
  • Pepsi
  • Selway Machine Tool
  • Ralph Lauren
  • General Mills
  • Samsung
  • Viewsonic
  • Fuji
  • Pioneer
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • M&M/Mars