On-Camera Host

On-Camera Host Bio

 Looking into a live camera knowing that 64
 million sets of eyes were watching would
 make the average person turn to stone.
 But not Michele Jaco — she actually comes
 alive once the cameras start rolling!

 During her three years as the regular
 fitness host on the nationwide Shop at
 Home Network, Michele helped to generate
 over $6 million dollars in sales: treadmills,
 resistance equipment, Pilates, and even
 smoothie makers.

 Her consistent, polished presentations,
 matched with a warm, genuine on-air presence allowed Michele to develop a
 consistent following — repeat customers who also looked to her for health and
 fitness tips.

 “Helping the viewer learn about healthy lifestyle choices was
 every bit as important as selling equipment. I love educating
 and inspiring people to take care of themselves so they can
 achieve a better standard of living.”
  — Michele Jaco

 In addition to her guest appearances on other networks such as HSN, Michele has
 been very active as host for industrial videos. Whether it’s hearing aids, shampoo,
 reward cards — or even as the wife of “Mr. Lennox”, (the air conditioning man)
 Michele always tackles every role with the highest level of professionalism and