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  Health & Fitness

aA book for those of us with 10-acre appetites!

aIf you're one of those people who is prone to
aoverindulgence, but worries about the negative
aeffects on your health, mood, & lifestyle, this
abook is for you!

  Topics covered:

  • Foods that quench hunger and fill you up
  • "Super Foods" and their healing qualities
  • The importance of proper blood-sugar levels
  • The "wheat bread" myth
  • Fiber and its importance to proper health
  • Healthy, quick kid meals
  • How exercise can reduce cravings

aIn this book I explain why enormous food acravings are often the result of eating too much aof the wrong thing — and I offer helpful meal aand snack ideas that will keep you full, fit, ahealthy and full of energy!


After years of experience trying to tame my inner pig, I set out on a journey researching and experimenting with different foods that would fill me up, without "filling me out". This book is the result of that endeavor.

Release date 
The release date is set for January 6th, 2010 — just in time to help with those new-years resolutions!

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"When I was overweight, I used to eat  anything my heart (or stomach) desired.  And you know what? I felt lethargic,  moody and famished most of the time!" 


 Coming soon:
 "Nyte Owl & Earlie Bird"

  Children's book
aJust imagine, “Nyte Owl”, a disorganized, clumsy  aowl hoo stays up all night conducting astronomy aexperiments — and “Earlie Bird”, a hot tempered, aearly-rising green finch from Ireland — attempting ato peacefully co-exist as neighbors of the same atree!

aIt is a daily struggle for Nyte and Earlie to aunderstand and accommodate each others polar aopposite lifestyle. 

aEach book in the series ends with Nyte Owl and aEarlie Bird finding a way to survive their unique apredicament.






Why I love this story
With Nyte Owl & Earlie Bird I get to re-live my childhood all over again! It has the perfect combination of zany characters,
fun adventures, and teachable moments.

The Nyte Owl & Earlie Bird five-book series is set to hatch in February 2011. The content is appropriate for middle-grade children.